nsw farmers

Workshop for landholders on mining and coal seam gas at Wybong

November 21, 2014
NSW Farmers will hold a workshop for landholders on mining and coal seam gas, including land access arrangements and landholder rights, at Wybong on Wednesday 26 November. “Farmers are increasingly…
anix lawn

Nix attempts to do the worm

Nov 21, 2014
At the Good Guys Good breaky this week - I took on a challenge and that was to do the…

Celebs get together for UNICEF

Nov 21, 2014
Following the release of #bandaid30...this time a bunch of celebrities including Katy…

Pitch Perfect 2 trailer released!

Nov 21, 2014
Get excited sigers because the gals are back with the next installment of glory ! check…

Guy nails the tightest parallel park!!

Nov 21, 2014
If you thought you weren't too bad at the old parallel park this guys will make you look…


Nov 18, 2014
Chick Chick by Wang Rong Rollin is being called the new Gangnam Style.So after watching…

S Club 7 are back big time. Why twerk when you can dance like this

Nov 17, 2014
After the announcement that they would reunite, we finally got to see S CLUB 7together on…

Kid gets emotional watching cartoon.

Nov 17, 2014
A parent noticed that her daughter was getting emotional while watching cartoon about…

New Facebook feature you will love

Nov 13, 2014
If you liked the mini video that came out a little while ago that did a montage of big…
Benedict Cumberbatch s greatest ever impressions

Benedict Cumberbatch Totally Owns the Imitation Game

Nov 14, 2014
You will know Benedict Cumberbatch from his TV show Sherlock. But did you know he was a…

Hot New 50 Shades of Grey Movie Trailer

Nov 14, 2014
The first 50 Shades of Grey trailer was the most watched movie trailer of 2014... that…

Kim Kardashian Nude.... AGAIN

Nov 13, 2014
Kim Kardashian nude. This isn't even a surprise or shocking anymore. I think she's just…

Massive Six Hits On-Air Commentators Car

Nov 13, 2014
Sometimes things happen in life that you couldn't plan. If someone told you the story…
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dogs c90e8

Priorities - only one dog has them

Dogs are amazing creatures. There's no doubting the intelligent nature of man's best…
kangaroo da792

Close call as roo jumps over motorcyclist

Near misses don't get much nearer than this. This motorcyclist no doubt rushed home…
karl f12f1

"White people are pretty bland" says Karl

Karl Stefanovic has had an amazing couple of weeks. First he hit the headlines…
skateboard 5a960

Skateboarder ollies reporter’s head

Well you don’t see this everyday. Poor Channel Seven reporter Mike Amor copped a…
The Hunter

Who is naughtier on a night out guys or gals?